Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Satellites, body transplantations, and giant squid?

Wow, that was definitely a random dream that skipped about everywhere.

First thing I remember, I was sitting in a movie theater waiting for a movie to start, trailers rolling. I was commenting something to the guy next to me (who I didn't know) and this this woman started talking to him..and she was talking about me! I tried to listen in, and she was telling the guy sitting next to me how stinky I was. She said she had lots of kids, and I smelled like people had been spitting on me..and she knew exactly what it smelled like from her children.
I decided sitting next to these people wasn't worth it to watch this movie, so I left the theater, hoping Jake would see me leave and he would walk out too (I guess I went with Jake to the movies..but I never saw him and we weren't sitting near each other).
So this is where things get jumpy and I don't remember much. Somehow in this dream universe..they have a way to transplant people into different bodies. And somehow me and two other people were in the bodies of....stuffed animals? Yeah.. I have no idea. I don't remember exactly and what point we became stuffed animals, but it was before the giant squid attacking(coming later)......
So now that we were home, we decided it would be better just to watch some TV. We just had a satellite put it, and I was showing off to my friends how cool it was. We could actually change the position of the satellite with the remote! I thought it would be funny to try to spin it and waste the satellites rocket fuel.....

....and then somehow we were in the satellite watching it spin as we used the TV remote. For some reason I was trying to take pictures of the earth from the small satellite window. The pictures were looking cool..and I could even start to make out buildings and stuff on the earth! Those buildings were sure starting to look bigger and bigger in my camera.......

.......and that is when we realized we were falling from the sky.

We passed by some big skyscrapers in our decent from outer space, (it looked cool) and bam! We landed in the ocean. We started to sink, and we were trying to figure out how we were
going to escape from the satellite and get to shore. Well, we didn't have to worry about escaping for long, because two huge tentacles came shooting out of the ocean in front of us and latched onto the sides of our sinking satellite. A giant squid came flying out of the dark water and decided we would be a great next meal!

The squid wrestled with our craft for a while, and all we could think about was that he was going to crush our pod and we would drown. Maybe he would just give up, and maybe we would float to the surface(even though we had been sinking previously). Needless to say.. I think we all blacked out.

A man in white lab coat was reaching his hand into a large sea creature that sat on an operation table. He felt around inside, and he started pulling out stuffed animals from a metal pod that was inside the stomach of the sea creature!
My stuffed animal body landed on the ground, and I asked "doctor, can you speak English?" He replied "yes I can," in a British accent. Then I blacked out again.

I woke up again, and this time I was in a new body..of a human! But it was only a 4 year-olds body; oh well. At least its an improvement over a teddy bear.
I guess these bodies were grown from an egg for us, so 4 years had passed since we were rescued from the satellite. We started talking to the doctor, and he said we were over 4000 miles from where the crash happened, and no one knew that there were 3 people aboard the crash. We were lucky to be rescued. I told him that I had some pictures of us crash from outer space, and he seemed to act like those would be very important pictures.....
....and then I woke up.

----So yeah, quite the random dream. Good think we were in bodies of toy animals otherwise we wouldn't have survived without oxygen and water inside the stomach of some sea monster for who knows how long. Seriously, how does my brain put stuff like this together?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A different Dad, and the Mafia

Well, this one was way out in left field. I have NO idea where this dream came from.

So for some reason, I was at my grandma's house baking break, alone. Not sure why, but damn, I sure knew how to make some good looking bread. My dad called me up, and asked if I could help him out. He had to give a guy some money, and he wasn't going to have all of it for a few more days. He just needed some advance cash so he could pay his friend. I didn't think it was a big deal. My dad is an upstanding guy, has a good job and makes good money. He just needs a little advance.

So my Dad had me talk to the guy who he needed to pay. For some reason, it was a guy in the Mafia (he was from the Sopranos show i think). I told him I had $2000 right now, and my dad would have the other $3000 in a few days. He told me that it didn't work that way, he needed all the money right now. I then realized this guy was a mafia guy, and someone that shouldn't be messed with when paying off loans. So I told him I would get the rest of the money in a few hours.

It was then I began to wonder "why is my dad getting loans from the mafia? why does he need money so bad? Is he having affairs and paying prostitutes or something? Am I going to get the the other $2000 I loaned to him a few weeks ago?"

So I confronted my dad. Now this wasn't my real dad, it was my dream dad. He was like 5'5" tall (instead of 6'6") and really scrappy. I asked him why he was borrowing money from the mob, and what he was doing with the money. He didn't really respond, but just looked really ashamed. So i accused him of having affairs and cheating on my mom, that he was using my money to pay off prostitutes.

My "dad" got super red in the face, then started yelling. He said that yes, he wanted to have an affair, so he used the money to hire assistants at his work. But he hired them, and every time he tried to come on to them, the refused and quit. So he was turned down by every woman and hasn't been able to cheat on my mom yet, but he had been trying.

Well, I was pretty much disgusted, and I told him he was going to have to find his own way out of the situation, I wasn't going to help him anymore. I was going to disown him. I left and went to sit down by myself, and all I could think about was how I was going to tell my mom the situation. What would I say, how would I handle it. And I just started crying. I felt all alone, I felt like this was too much to handle. I really needed help, like everything had fallen apart. It wasn't just a few tears, it was all out crying. And it the more I cried, the worse I felt, the more I felt like everything had broken and it couldn't be fixed.

Then I woke up

Monday, December 7, 2009

Stupid doctors

Well, I had a dream last night (and again..only remember a small part of it).

All I can remember is I went back to the doctor, because I started feeling worse. My neck was still swollen, and the white spot on my tonsil made me go back (its how i really am right now). I went back to the same doctor I visited last week, and again, she told me something that it wasn't.

She said she didnt' know what I had, but was going to prescribe me some medication for something basic..just for like a normal sore throat, or an anti-inflammatory. I just told her "can't you tell what I have? I know what I have, why are you even a doctor?"

I was pissed, because I pretty sure I've got tonsillitis, and this doctor doesn't know what shes doing, and I have to pay for this crap, and she won't diagnose my correctly.

--So I guess half of that is what is actually happening to me. Every day I think about going back to the doctor, because I do see a white spot on my tonsils. I do have symptoms of tonsillitis, and i think its viral. But I already went once, and the doctor told me allergies, I don't want to go again and have to pay a ton for a mis-diagnosis.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Weird...roomate dreams?

Still not remembering much..but I think i had two separate dreams last night..both about roommates.

My first dream.. I came back to my house, and Jake had moved his bed into my room, he wanted to share a room! He said he was going to rent out his room to someone and we could save money. I just remember thinking "WHAT THE HELL!?" I dont want to share a room with anyone.

My other dream had a friend who I haven't seen since I was about 12 years old. For some reason he either lived with me, or an apartment next to me. He had decided he wanted to rent his room out to a bunch of midgets. He said they wouldn't take up much space, and that he could save a ton on rent if he got like 4 midget roommates all sharing his room. He even took out an add in a magazine advertising he wanted multiple midget roommates. He also had a girfriend, who I think he beat up (and she beat him up too). I remember wanting to check to see if she was alright, to make sure she didn't get beat up too much

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

long time coming...

I am normally forgetting all my dreams before I remember to write anything down, but I remember a few tidbits from last night.

I had two dreams, the first was kinda a nightmare..but not really scary. I guess it was just about ghosts.

I was watching from a third person perspective, so I wasn't he focus of the dream. It was some blonde girl..but I'm not sure who. She was being haunted, but it seemed like the ghosts just tried to stop her from doing things, from going places. They would keep her from opening doors, or doing simple tasks. I can't remember i saw ghosts, or everything that happened.
All I really remember was that the dream seemed to last for days, and this person was learning to cope with being haunted, and even began to force the ghosts out of her way. I only really remember something right before I woke up, where the ghosts stopped a door and wouldn't let her through the door. She ordered them to let her through the door, and was able to force the ghost(s) to let her by.

Kinda weird. I just remember a little scared when I woke up, cause who likes thinking about the possibility of ghosts, alone in the middle of the night?

The second dream.. I was a fireman. I have no clue what I was doing, but I know some weird things went on. Maybe because I saw a house burning down the other day, it made me dream of this?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zombie Attack!

Who doesn't like to see zombies? I guess if they are attacking, its not fun to see them...

**I guess there was a zombie outbreak, and if you got bitten (or even scratched by a zombie) you could become a zombie. There wasn't a cure, people were becoming zombies left at right.

I think I was with a number of friends, but they slowly died off. All i really remember was when it was just me and my friend Nathan left. We were locked up in my house in California. As long as the zombies couldn't see you, they wouldn't attack. We were safe inside the house.

I don't remember when this was, but I thought I found a zombie in the basement, it was a guy and his head was bulging and throbbing. I tried to hit him a few times with something (a bucket maybe, I don't remember) but I couldn't kill him. Nathan said he wasn't a zombie yet, and if we found a doctor and a clean brain, we could save him (I guess there weren't many humans left, almost everyone was zombies). I believe he became a zombie and we had to kill him before we could call a doctor.

All the sudden my brother walked in the house, and he had been Zombiefied! But it was strange, because he could still talk, and still retained some of his memories. We figured out the only way to kill him would be to cut out his throat. I guess if he couldn't speak, he would die? So i grabbed onto my brother, held is head down, and Nathan found a kitchen knife. My brother was trying to move his head and bit us, but Nathan continued to cut at his throat. Finally one of my brother's bites landed on Nathan's hand as he was cutting. We knew it was the end, Nathan would be a zombie in not too long. I got cut on my hand with the knife after he passed it to me, and i got zombie blood in my cut. I didn't know if that would count and make me a zombie or not.

Nathan went to wash his hand, and while he was gone, my brother started talking to me, saying how we wouldn't make it out alive, we were all going to die. Then, as I was holding his head, his neck stretched like a rubber and as his body ran to open the door. I was terrified, once that door was open, zombies would see humans inside and rush us. My brother made it to the door and opened it.

We had to run away from the house. The zombies would get us in enclosed spaces. We were running, and eventually made it to a bridge (under the bridge at least, I remember looking in the water and seeing really bright goldfish for some reason). Just then, Nathan started to turn into a zombie. Close by zombies started to attack him and eat him as he was turning. I remember looking at him in horror, and I realized I was the only human left. The entire world was zombies, I was the only survivor.

I pulled out a gun, held it to my head, and pulled the trigger....

I woke up

Now that is weird. I awoke from my dream by killing myself. That is the weirdest ending to a dream I have EVER had. Who shoots themselves in the head in their dreams??

I wrote down a few keywords in a notebook when I awoke from that dream, so I could remember it in the morning.

I guess I had a few other dreams too, but I don't remember much. Here are the few clips i remember

1)It was the top of a mountain, and there was this huge dude (like from the movie 300). It was his mountain top castle. He wanted to show us a dragon he had captured. He grabbed this huge chains, and started pulling them in. Soon a big dragon came into view. It was trying to fly away, but he had chains attached to him, and our Roman friend was pulling him in. (there was also a mall with stores in the top of this mountain, everything was made of marble

2) I guess I was in some movie, and it was an after party for the movie release, and other stars were there (lots of purple and blue lights). Some big shot actor was asking me if in my future movies, I'd be willing to do nudity. I said I didn't think so, and he called me an amateur.

3) something about some elite forces fighting squad that fought sorcerers and monsters (in like fantasy type setting). There was some dude flying around on a rope trying to kill people. It was like a kite, but the lower in altitude he got, the harder it was for him to keep in the air. He made this smoke waves go across the grass field we were fighting in. Every time the waves went by, he was able to dive down low (i guess it created some kind up upward force he could fly above easier)

I wish i remember more about #1, and #3! Those might have been some crazy dreams too

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In Panama.....kinda

At one point I remembered part of this. But not much anymore. Ill try to piece it together

**I was in Panama, visiting with friends. I was going to go meet up with my friend Isabel. I was staying in a house across the street from he(which i think is my apartment I'm living in right now).

(I said I can only remember parts of it)

For some reason I'm laying on the ground (half dirt, half cement)in the back of our garage. I could see Isabel with some of her friends in their yard. They were all in swimsuits and sun bathing. I was also in a swimsuit..and for some reason I wanted to dry off AND get a tan before I went over to meet with her.

They noticed me, and tried to get me to go over to their yard, but for some weird reason, I didn't want to get up. So they all came over to me. And then my sister was there, and I had to introduce Isabel to my sister. I did the introductions (even though I didn't know her friends), and I started to speak to them in Spanish, but they all spoke English fine. But my sister..well..she tried to be nice and wanted to say something simple in English they could understand. I don't remember what she said, but it was something like "nice to meet you, you're ugly......" She didn't finish her sentence, so she ended up insulting all of them.

I finally decided to get dressed and go over to Isabel's place and hang out with her and her friends. I wanted to bring some chips and also a photo book (not sure why). Every time i tried to pick up the bag of chips (salt and vinegar lays..I wasn't sure if they would like them) the bag ripped open and spilled everywhere.

I kept trying to pick up the chips, but it was taking a long time. I kept looking out the window to see if Isabel was still sitting on her chair in the yard. I guess I had to get my stuff and go to her house before she went inside, or I wouldn't be able to see her again.

After 2 hours of trying to pick up the chips, I still hadn't left my house. She was still outside, but it was getting dark, and I was going to lose my chance to go hang out that night. Why are chips so hard to pick up, why does the bag keep ripping??(it felt like 5 minutes trying to pick them up, but 2 hours passed)

Very weird. I'm obviously going to panama in a few weeks, so that is on the top of my mind. Weird Isabel is in there since I haven't met her yet (i will in 2 weeks), but I guess it just shows I'm nervous about the meeting? Since she is going to be taking me to a number of different places, and picking me up from the airport, maybe my brain thinks she won't like me after seeing me at the airport, and then she won't want to take me to places in Panama.

Mah brain is crazy, that's all I can say!

(That's Isabel by the way)