Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A different Dad, and the Mafia

Well, this one was way out in left field. I have NO idea where this dream came from.

So for some reason, I was at my grandma's house baking break, alone. Not sure why, but damn, I sure knew how to make some good looking bread. My dad called me up, and asked if I could help him out. He had to give a guy some money, and he wasn't going to have all of it for a few more days. He just needed some advance cash so he could pay his friend. I didn't think it was a big deal. My dad is an upstanding guy, has a good job and makes good money. He just needs a little advance.

So my Dad had me talk to the guy who he needed to pay. For some reason, it was a guy in the Mafia (he was from the Sopranos show i think). I told him I had $2000 right now, and my dad would have the other $3000 in a few days. He told me that it didn't work that way, he needed all the money right now. I then realized this guy was a mafia guy, and someone that shouldn't be messed with when paying off loans. So I told him I would get the rest of the money in a few hours.

It was then I began to wonder "why is my dad getting loans from the mafia? why does he need money so bad? Is he having affairs and paying prostitutes or something? Am I going to get the the other $2000 I loaned to him a few weeks ago?"

So I confronted my dad. Now this wasn't my real dad, it was my dream dad. He was like 5'5" tall (instead of 6'6") and really scrappy. I asked him why he was borrowing money from the mob, and what he was doing with the money. He didn't really respond, but just looked really ashamed. So i accused him of having affairs and cheating on my mom, that he was using my money to pay off prostitutes.

My "dad" got super red in the face, then started yelling. He said that yes, he wanted to have an affair, so he used the money to hire assistants at his work. But he hired them, and every time he tried to come on to them, the refused and quit. So he was turned down by every woman and hasn't been able to cheat on my mom yet, but he had been trying.

Well, I was pretty much disgusted, and I told him he was going to have to find his own way out of the situation, I wasn't going to help him anymore. I was going to disown him. I left and went to sit down by myself, and all I could think about was how I was going to tell my mom the situation. What would I say, how would I handle it. And I just started crying. I felt all alone, I felt like this was too much to handle. I really needed help, like everything had fallen apart. It wasn't just a few tears, it was all out crying. And it the more I cried, the worse I felt, the more I felt like everything had broken and it couldn't be fixed.

Then I woke up

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