Monday, December 7, 2009

Stupid doctors

Well, I had a dream last night (and again..only remember a small part of it).

All I can remember is I went back to the doctor, because I started feeling worse. My neck was still swollen, and the white spot on my tonsil made me go back (its how i really am right now). I went back to the same doctor I visited last week, and again, she told me something that it wasn't.

She said she didnt' know what I had, but was going to prescribe me some medication for something basic..just for like a normal sore throat, or an anti-inflammatory. I just told her "can't you tell what I have? I know what I have, why are you even a doctor?"

I was pissed, because I pretty sure I've got tonsillitis, and this doctor doesn't know what shes doing, and I have to pay for this crap, and she won't diagnose my correctly.

--So I guess half of that is what is actually happening to me. Every day I think about going back to the doctor, because I do see a white spot on my tonsils. I do have symptoms of tonsillitis, and i think its viral. But I already went once, and the doctor told me allergies, I don't want to go again and have to pay a ton for a mis-diagnosis.

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