Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Satellites, body transplantations, and giant squid?

Wow, that was definitely a random dream that skipped about everywhere.

First thing I remember, I was sitting in a movie theater waiting for a movie to start, trailers rolling. I was commenting something to the guy next to me (who I didn't know) and this this woman started talking to him..and she was talking about me! I tried to listen in, and she was telling the guy sitting next to me how stinky I was. She said she had lots of kids, and I smelled like people had been spitting on me..and she knew exactly what it smelled like from her children.
I decided sitting next to these people wasn't worth it to watch this movie, so I left the theater, hoping Jake would see me leave and he would walk out too (I guess I went with Jake to the movies..but I never saw him and we weren't sitting near each other).
So this is where things get jumpy and I don't remember much. Somehow in this dream universe..they have a way to transplant people into different bodies. And somehow me and two other people were in the bodies of....stuffed animals? Yeah.. I have no idea. I don't remember exactly and what point we became stuffed animals, but it was before the giant squid attacking(coming later)......
So now that we were home, we decided it would be better just to watch some TV. We just had a satellite put it, and I was showing off to my friends how cool it was. We could actually change the position of the satellite with the remote! I thought it would be funny to try to spin it and waste the satellites rocket fuel.....

....and then somehow we were in the satellite watching it spin as we used the TV remote. For some reason I was trying to take pictures of the earth from the small satellite window. The pictures were looking cool..and I could even start to make out buildings and stuff on the earth! Those buildings were sure starting to look bigger and bigger in my camera.......

.......and that is when we realized we were falling from the sky.

We passed by some big skyscrapers in our decent from outer space, (it looked cool) and bam! We landed in the ocean. We started to sink, and we were trying to figure out how we were
going to escape from the satellite and get to shore. Well, we didn't have to worry about escaping for long, because two huge tentacles came shooting out of the ocean in front of us and latched onto the sides of our sinking satellite. A giant squid came flying out of the dark water and decided we would be a great next meal!

The squid wrestled with our craft for a while, and all we could think about was that he was going to crush our pod and we would drown. Maybe he would just give up, and maybe we would float to the surface(even though we had been sinking previously). Needless to say.. I think we all blacked out.

A man in white lab coat was reaching his hand into a large sea creature that sat on an operation table. He felt around inside, and he started pulling out stuffed animals from a metal pod that was inside the stomach of the sea creature!
My stuffed animal body landed on the ground, and I asked "doctor, can you speak English?" He replied "yes I can," in a British accent. Then I blacked out again.

I woke up again, and this time I was in a new body..of a human! But it was only a 4 year-olds body; oh well. At least its an improvement over a teddy bear.
I guess these bodies were grown from an egg for us, so 4 years had passed since we were rescued from the satellite. We started talking to the doctor, and he said we were over 4000 miles from where the crash happened, and no one knew that there were 3 people aboard the crash. We were lucky to be rescued. I told him that I had some pictures of us crash from outer space, and he seemed to act like those would be very important pictures.....
....and then I woke up.

----So yeah, quite the random dream. Good think we were in bodies of toy animals otherwise we wouldn't have survived without oxygen and water inside the stomach of some sea monster for who knows how long. Seriously, how does my brain put stuff like this together?

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