Monday, December 7, 2009

Stupid doctors

Well, I had a dream last night (and again..only remember a small part of it).

All I can remember is I went back to the doctor, because I started feeling worse. My neck was still swollen, and the white spot on my tonsil made me go back (its how i really am right now). I went back to the same doctor I visited last week, and again, she told me something that it wasn't.

She said she didnt' know what I had, but was going to prescribe me some medication for something basic..just for like a normal sore throat, or an anti-inflammatory. I just told her "can't you tell what I have? I know what I have, why are you even a doctor?"

I was pissed, because I pretty sure I've got tonsillitis, and this doctor doesn't know what shes doing, and I have to pay for this crap, and she won't diagnose my correctly.

--So I guess half of that is what is actually happening to me. Every day I think about going back to the doctor, because I do see a white spot on my tonsils. I do have symptoms of tonsillitis, and i think its viral. But I already went once, and the doctor told me allergies, I don't want to go again and have to pay a ton for a mis-diagnosis.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Weird...roomate dreams?

Still not remembering much..but I think i had two separate dreams last night..both about roommates.

My first dream.. I came back to my house, and Jake had moved his bed into my room, he wanted to share a room! He said he was going to rent out his room to someone and we could save money. I just remember thinking "WHAT THE HELL!?" I dont want to share a room with anyone.

My other dream had a friend who I haven't seen since I was about 12 years old. For some reason he either lived with me, or an apartment next to me. He had decided he wanted to rent his room out to a bunch of midgets. He said they wouldn't take up much space, and that he could save a ton on rent if he got like 4 midget roommates all sharing his room. He even took out an add in a magazine advertising he wanted multiple midget roommates. He also had a girfriend, who I think he beat up (and she beat him up too). I remember wanting to check to see if she was alright, to make sure she didn't get beat up too much

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

long time coming...

I am normally forgetting all my dreams before I remember to write anything down, but I remember a few tidbits from last night.

I had two dreams, the first was kinda a nightmare..but not really scary. I guess it was just about ghosts.

I was watching from a third person perspective, so I wasn't he focus of the dream. It was some blonde girl..but I'm not sure who. She was being haunted, but it seemed like the ghosts just tried to stop her from doing things, from going places. They would keep her from opening doors, or doing simple tasks. I can't remember i saw ghosts, or everything that happened.
All I really remember was that the dream seemed to last for days, and this person was learning to cope with being haunted, and even began to force the ghosts out of her way. I only really remember something right before I woke up, where the ghosts stopped a door and wouldn't let her through the door. She ordered them to let her through the door, and was able to force the ghost(s) to let her by.

Kinda weird. I just remember a little scared when I woke up, cause who likes thinking about the possibility of ghosts, alone in the middle of the night?

The second dream.. I was a fireman. I have no clue what I was doing, but I know some weird things went on. Maybe because I saw a house burning down the other day, it made me dream of this?