Friday, May 1, 2009

Bob & Tom, and the NEW Newegg

Well, I'm not sure if there were actually two dreams, or if it was just one long dream and I forgot the middle or what. But anyways, there are two different things I remember from last night.

**For some reason I told my parents about the Bob & Tom show (early morning radio show). It's weird, cause its really not a very clean show, and not something I see my parents liking. But anyways, I had told them about it, they listened to it, and thought it was hilarious. Shortly after they listened to it, they heard that the Bob & Tom comedy tour was coming to Redding, and they immediately bought tickets for it.
I didn't find out that they were going till the night of the show, and for some reason, I had to get a hold of them. I went to the convention center where it was being held, and I was trying to search for them. I got there when the show started, and I ended up backstage in my search for them. I remember looking out onto the stage from behind, and it was some weird looking guy (he might have had horns, not sure) and he was telling redneck jokes, and might have been singing.
--and I don't remember anymore. I don't think i found my parents.

The second part (or second dream maybe), my brother wanted help to build a new computer, he had been asking me prices of different items, and what hardware worked best for running certain programs. He had given me a list of the parts he thought he should get. He wanted parts that would run his stupid financial programs the best, and he picked some weird stuff (made up, imaginary dream-only stupid things that would build a horrible computer).
So I decided to go onto and price out a good computer for him that would serve him just as well, and cost less money.
I got on my computer, went to newegg, and it seemed that newegg had redone their entire website. It seems Elijah Wood now was the official mascott for (and not just normal Elijah Wood, he had some spikey hair, a weird black suit, and kinda looked creepy). He was on every page in some sort of flash animation.
First I searched for processors. I thought my brother should get the new Intel i7. I hit search, and Elijah wood's face popped up. While newegg was searching the database, it just showed an animation of Elijah frantically looking from side to side, eyeballs all spazzing out.
For some reason it couldn't find the processor, but in the i7 search, it did find lesbian (or was it bi ) only bikinis. The picture had some chick in a bikini, and Elijah trying to hug her.
I had no clue why it found a weird item like this when I was trying to look for computer processors, until I saw I wasn't in the "computer hardware section." It seems newegg has become like, and sells anything and everything now. I clicked on the hardware section and.....


That's it, thats all I can remember.
So freaking strange. WHY? WHY ARE THESE THINGS IN MAH HEAD?!

Hmm..maybe I'll try to figure out a reason for these in my posts too.

The first one...I listen to the Bob & Tom show on my way to work in the that could have had something to do with it.

Second...I started watching "Let the right one in" last night, and a teacher read from "The hobbit." Maybe my brain made a connection to that?
And I always use to buy stuff..and my brother is always doing weird things.

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