Saturday, May 2, 2009

A pirates life for me!

Wow...just wow. And it's really a shame I can't remember this entire dream, it is a doozy!

**So i lived in a seashore town. A big town, lots of people. There was this rumor in the town about sea dragon creatures that had super powers that attacked ships and have been living for centuries. They weren't normal sea dragons, there were like 7, and they were very bright colors..and they were only heads that lived under water.

I was intrigued, so I went down to the dock and walked out on the pier in a secluded bay. As I walked out to the end, the ground started rumbling and all these bright colored tentacles started coming out of the water all around me. It was the sea monsters!

Well, they came out of the water, but they weren't that impressive. They were not massive dragon heads...just rainbow colored seaweed clumps. They did speak to me though. They said they had lost some of their power, and needed me to help them. They wanted to give me special powers. Suddenly the seaweed grabbed me, held me down, and put cut a gash in my forehead. They then cut off a piece of seaweed (i think it was the tan colored seaweed that cut off a piece of itself while the bright orange one held me down) and put that piece in the gash in my head, and then closed up the cut. They said this would give me special powers, but only if I hunted the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN for them, and killed them. That is how they would get their powers back.

After this speak, they all then went back to their shells to hide beneath the dock, and I went back home. It looks like it was time for me to assemble my pirate crew! And...I think I was starting to turn into a pirate zombie (that sure doesn't sound like a good superpower). Better than being a pirate vampire (which I thought about), at least a pirate zombie can walk around during the day.

Well, somehow we managed to get a crew of people (and talking this crazy hermit crap / midget/octopus thing dude). There were at least 2 guys, 1 girl, and a bunch of talking animals, some made up. The midget crab octopus dude had red octopus legs, had this see-through shell over his body, and the upper half of his body was human(LOOK, I JUST DREW A PICTURE OF HIM!!!).He was leaving his new wife to come be pirates with us (his wife and rainbow sparkly tentacles, a fishbowl shell, and the upper half of her body was like a fairy from Disney Cinderella).

So we got to the dock, and it seems we had the black pearl for a ship. Everyone was impressed, because it is a bad ass ship (though the ship wasn't the black pearl from the was this cool, sleek, bone white ship, made out of driftwood it seems). We had this magical sea animal (maybe a whale, but i think it looked weird) tell us he would teleport us to somewhere far away so we could begin out pirate hunting. Next thing I know, I was underwater in this long line of animals, and we started to move.

It seems "teleporting" was holding on to someone else's legs as you were pulled super fast underwater. But we could breathe underwater, so it was ok. There were hundreds of creatures in this train, including seagulls, pigeons, penguins, and way more. I think i had to hold onto a seagulls legs. Luckily all this animals could talk, they all knew what we had to do so we could "teleport." For some reason, my crew was allowed to stay in the boat, and they were just towed along behind us.

This sea train teleporting moved fast! It was like superman flying underwater. It was fun too, we even went by docks and yelled at people as we flew along underwater. After quite a while of being pulled, I felt a tugging from the front of the train, and it seems we stopped and they wanted me to put my head above water.

We stopped at a lighthouse. One of the crew was flashing a light out at us to signal we were stopping for food. It wasn't a normal light, it was this crazy red/black colored swirly light. I guess one of the senior pirates in my crew quickly turned off the light (it was like a 16 year old kid who was shining it out at us), he said it was the light of the black pearl, and everyone would know we are here if they saw it (its a pretty distinctive color).

So we all climbed this lighthouse. It said it served beef stew, and we were hungry. My first pirate companion came down the ladder with a cup of beef stew, and I asked how it was. He said it was ok, but it was hot, which was good. So I waited in line at the lighthouse to get me a cup of beef stew for dinner.

WWWOOOOOWWWW. This dream makes no sense. Fairies with octopus legs living in upside down fishbowls??? Crazy magical seaweed?? Talking animals?? Pirate Zombies (me)??

There is no way I can even try to think of how this dream came to pass. I haven't watched zombie movies, pirate movies, talking animal movies, or done anything like what happened in the dream. We can just pass this off as 100% RANDOM. AND AWESOME!
This dream is pure win. Like an acid trip while you are sleeping.

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