Monday, April 27, 2009

Really? A Saxophone?

Ok, this one came completely out of left field. I mean, I can understand why my dreams might be about following certain games and junk like that, but playing a saxophone?

**So, I really liked this song I was hearing, and I was singing it, I believe it was something by switchfoot (but the more I think about it, I don't think it was a real song, was just a good old made up dream song). There was a talent showing coming up, and I was supposed to perform some sort of talent, so i figured that I should get a group together and play this song. What a great idea!

I believe the talent show was sponsored by my work. Nu skin. There was a big gathering down here at commerce park out on the grass, everyone ready to watch. So for my group, there was me singing (so I thought), Jake Fowler on guitar (though we aren't playing anything by Guns and Roses), and Nathan Waxer, my old grade school / high school friend on drums (no clue how he got in this dream).

So first up I guess Jake wanted to play his own song, which I wasn't a part of. Waxer on drums, Jake on guitar, and there was another person, but no clue who it was. As they started to play, I walked back to my car to get my stuff ready for my song. I could hear Jake plugging away on his guitar, their some was something about an atomic bomb, it was really strange. Like a song you would hear at a carnival. Jake sure does pick some weird songs.

I practiced the words of my song in my head as I walked back to my car, cause who wants to look stupid and forget words while you sing. I got back to my car, pulled out a baritone saxophone, and started to warm up. That's right, I was no longer singing the song, I was going to play the baritone saxophone in a rock song next to Jake on guitar, and Waxer on drums.

As I started to play, I suddenly realized, I've never played the baritone saxophone in my life! I tried to play a scale, good, easy, I got it. But where are the keys to play flats and sharps?! I tried several times to play a b luck, I had no clue where the key was to play it. I started to panic a little, how was I supposed to learn how to play a song for a talent show in two minutes on an instrument I had never played??

Odly enough, I still had in the back of my mind that I was going to sing the song too. No clue how I was going to sing while playing the saxophone at the same time....

And that was it. I had a friend once in high school, Josh Roberts, he played the baritone sax. But I haven't even thought about playing an instrument for 10 years, let alone one I've never even touched before.

Why in the world would I dream about performing? This makes no sense. I can at least reason why I had dreams about certain games, I do follow a few that are in development. But playing a saxophone, in a talent show? WHAT?!

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