Thursday, April 23, 2009

Diablo 3, or is it Diablo 4

Well, here we go, to start out the journal. I really don't know if this dream came about last night or not, but it's been on my mind today.

**Keeping up with the facts on the progress and development of the new Blizzard game Diablo 3, I ran across something very interesting: Diablo 3 was already released! What Blizzard was actually working on was Diablo 4, and no one seemed to remember that Diablo 3 was already released and sold two years previously.

I went to a store, and sure enough, there was the box. I couldn't believe no one realized that this game was released years ago. No sites had reviewed it, there were no fan sites, but there it was on retail store shelves. Blizzard even called their new Diablo "a sequel to Diablo 2," did they forget too that they already made a sequel??

I went home, installed the game, watched the opening cinematic, created myself a character to play (something of a warrior / knight / paladin hybrid). I don't remember what I named it (probably something like poo_deluxe, who knows) and set off to explore the duneons of the game.

The game was dark..very very very dark. Almost hard to see anything at all in the game. But it did look pretty realistic. My guy walked around town, dead trees, gothic style buildings and fences. I think everything was colored black, at midnight, with no moon.

My guy walked to some church for the first level of the dungeon..and was about to go down....and Bam, I got side tracked and had to go do something away from my computer.


I remember thinking many times that I really should try to play the game more, to see what it was like, but i never even loaded the game again. It just sat there..begging me to play it, but I was too busy doing other things**
How sad! So people understand, Diablo 2 is my favorite game of all time, and I've been playing it a lot recently (it's a 10 year old game). I've been keeping tabs on Diablo 3 which is currently in devolpment, so I guess all this somehow leaked into my dreamstate.

The weird part is, I think it has been in mutiple dreams, but just as a side note. I don't even know when I dreamed about this "hidden game" but the idea of it, I THINK, has been in other dreams. Just a passing thought, the idea of "oh yeah, i still have that new Diablo game on my computer I should play sometime" just pops up as a random idea. I swear its happened in multiple dreams, but you never know, sometimes you can have a single dream, and it will seem like you've had that idea for years.

And that is my first post. I doubt I'll re-read or edit this, so good luck making it pas run-on sentences and spelling errors!

Hopefully I'll remember some more soon (though if its a lucid dream, that might not be too appropriate to read)

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