Friday, April 24, 2009

My future trip to Panama...6 years ago?

Well, I don't remember too much of this one, but it had to do with my Panama trip that I will be taking next month.

**I was in Panama, taking my vacation, traveling around and having fun with friends. There was a long bus ride, and I was just having fun on the bus. We stopped at some building, and I went inside. It was a Panama mission change meeting. Somehow I was back in missionary clothes, and for some reason..this didn't see strange. I thought that "well, this is my last change meeting before they send me home (6 weeks left), and I hope they send me someplace cool." I discussed with another missionary that I thought they were going to send me to Bocas del Toro.

So they gave me a new area, but for some reason I don't remember what the area was. I left the meeting with all the other missionaries, but I accidentally got on the wrong bus. I got back on the bus I came in on, just a tour bus, instead of getting on the missionary bus. I felt dumb, but I still walked up and down the aisles, pretending like I was just looking for any last belongings I had left before I went to my last area.


**Also, as a sidenote, in some other dream, I remember I sat down at my computer, checked my email, and there in HUGE BOLD LETTERS was a keycode for the Starcraft 2 Beta. Was just a small clip from some other dream, but that is all I remember about it.


Well, thats all from last night. Nothing too interesting really, just some weird random stuff. Hopefully writing this stuff down will help me start to remember my dreams that are really off the wall. Trust me..they get crazy!

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